To be a trusted, transparent and prompt service provider to the investors, conforming to the highest standards of compliance, confidentiality and professionalism in conduct, to meet the obligation towards investors in Indian capital markets.

  • To maintain high standard of integrity in the conduct of business by fulfilling obligations in a prompt, ethical and professional manner.
  • To comply with all regulatory requirements in a time bound manner
  • To facilitate prompt service to investors by and through streamlining the process and harnessing technology
  • To facilitate easy approach, communication and interface with investors so as to resolve their queries / grievances


  • Encash dividend/Interest regularly to avoid transfer of unclaimed amount/underlying securities to IEPF.
  • Follow up diligently and promptly if you have not received allotment intimation/ certificate / dividend / interest etc.
  • Ensure that your PAN is registered with Link Intime for all your physical holdings.
  • Ensure nomination is registered for all your securities to smoothen the transmission.
  • Ensure that all KYC details viz full postal address with PIN, mobile number, e-mail address, etc. are updated to facilitate Link Intime for sending communication.
  • Ensure that correct and complete Bank details are recorded with Link Intime in respect of physical holdings to facilitate prompt electronic credit of dividend / interest / redemption amounts and eliminate possibility of unclaimed amounts / underlying securities being transferred to IEPF.
  • Promptly inform Link Intime in writing quoting the Unit Name and Folio Number and complete required formalities in case of loss of securities.
  • Ensure that the documents provided for availing any investor service request are complete in all respects and keep copies of documents sent to the office of Link Intime.
  • Monitor all corporate announcements pertaining to investments made.


  • Do not keep your folios without PAN.
  • Do not keep your folios without nomination
  • Do not deal with unauthorized persons for any investor service requests such as change in / updation of address, e-mail address, mobile number and bank details.
  • Do not share security details, viz. folio number, certificate number, distinctive number(s), bank details, specimen signature, KYC documents, etc. with unknown person(s).
As a customer-centric organization, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service delivery to investors. We resolve/respond to service requests within the stipulated timelines as stated below:
Sr. No. Nature of Service Timelines (Expected days)
AInvestor Service Request:
1. Processing of transmission request30
2. Processing of issue of duplicate security certificate request 30
3. Processing of dematerialization request15
4. Processing of remat request 30
5. Processing of Transposition request15
6. I. Processing of request for change in / up-dation of
    a. Name 30
    b. Signature 30
   c. Nomination 30
    d. Contact details (Address, E-mail address and Mobile number) 15
    e. Bank account details 15
   II. Processing of request for Up-dation of PAN 15
7. Processing of Re-validation of dividend / interest / redemption instruments and sending the remittance request files to the Bank/Company15
BGrievance Redressal:
1. Providing response to the inquiries of the investors and Redressal of Grievance.30
COther Operational activities:
1. Allotment of securities (IPO)6
2. Intimation regarding distribution of corporate benefits (dividend,bonus,stock split)
    a. E-mail communication 15
    b. Physical communication 30